How did you come by this website? You may frequently walk past an inconspicuous building with a dilapidated sign outside it saying ‘Friends Meeting House’ and wondered just what goes on inside. Or, you may have seen a cluster of banners on a peace march declaring ‘Quakers For Peace’. It’s possible that a long standing friend or work colleague recently came out as a Quaker to you, perhaps over coffee or in the pub whilst deep in conversation about some important social issue or other. You could even be my mother, wondering what it is I get up to when I go gallivanting off with all these funny people for frequent ‘committee meetings’! Statistically, it’s most likely you came across us on the internet, probably searching for information about something completely unrelated – maybe parrots, a north-east England football team, or porridge.

Either way, whatever has brought this website to your screen, I expect will be a few more questions, which hopefully it will start to answer. Hopefully a real life Quaker will have also come attached to this site who can answer the questions it then promotes in more detail still!

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